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After creating a logo, strategic places to put it

Creating a logo is one thing and placing it strategically is the other. You may obviously have the logo on your site but it’s not enough. There are a lot of other places, online and offline where placing it can significantly increase the brand awareness as well as views thus paving way for more leads.


Let us see some of the most tactical locations to place your logo.



Online Locations


People spend a lot of time in the web these days; in fact a significant portion of your prospects are already mouse potatoes as several surveys conducted globally indicate. So, it’s better to start the branding process online first. Besides, it’s cheaper. Let us see where to place logos online.


 Website and blog



As said earlier, it is pivotal to place the logo on your website as well as blog. Landing page is very crucial and it should echo the way in which you want to signify your brand. It is conventional and proven that top-left corner is the ideal place to put your emblem in case of website. Though for blogs the same is recommended, the platform chosen should also be considered.


Email newsletters


Email communications are in fact similar to your stationary. So, the newsletter must have the emblem representing your brand. It is always better if you go for animated logos in email newsletters. This can grab the attention of customer with most ease.


Social Media


People always believe social media as it is unbiased. Different opinions and experiences related to your brand can be posted there. Even a person who reaches organically to your website will search for your presence in Facebook and Twitter etc. So, it must look professional on different social media websites. A logo design company always designs by keeping this fact in mind.




YouTube channel is very relevant because of the basic fact that people like videos more than anything else. More than a billion users are there to the credit of this video based website. Make the logo on your YouTube channel classy and professional while assuring that it matches with the one presented in other platforms including website, blog and social media.


Offline Locations


Professional logo done by a graphic design company is equally important in the physical real world as well. There are still people who don’t browse too often and it’s unwise to ignore their significance if you want your business to grow to the fullest of its potential.


Business cards


This is the basic thing. After shaking hands with someone, when you hand them your business cards, they should easily notice your brand identity. It should be presented nicely in a professional manner. Also include your website link and contact details clearly.




Putting your logo on cloths and caps gives you great coverage as people wearing them turn into your mobile advertisers. Even providing your loyal customers with free cap or T-shirt with your brand symbol on it would be a sensible investment. 


Water bottles and mugs


It’s again an impactful way to get publicity and strengthen the bond with customers. Whenever they drink water, coffee or tea, getting to see you have involuntarily positive impacts and you should not miss this opportunity. Pens, pencils, wallets etc. too can invoke the same level of loyalty and trust.




Not only emails are there to communicate. Real newsletters and paper stationary including invoices too work well, especially in B2B communications. Mailing labels should have logos so that people see it first when they get a bill or letter from you. Your professional logo design should be there in all such stationaries.


Signage and banners


All the signage and banners you put out for display must have logos on it. If you are focusing on a local population with brick and mortar shop, having a booth during fairs and festive occasions can b of huge help to increase walk-ins.


In fact, logos should be used everywhere possible. The only thing is to position them professionally so that its appeal and identity is never lost. Companies offering custom logo design services can help you with the same.


Importance Of Illustration In Advertising

 “A picture is worth a thousand words.


This cliche is known to everyone associated with advertisement. Illustrations are effective in ensuring the success of several advertisement campaigns. However, there are instances where the faulty incorporation of illustrations has resulted in failure of the campaigns. The target audience has to be captured by using the right visual image. An advertisement is successful in conveying the promotional message to the target audience only when it is able to capture their attention. Illustrations are important in converting them to customers. Evidently, trained hands of the professionals are required for the purpose, so that enough attention is provided to these aspects.



Accurate Use of Illustrations:


Illustrations play an important role in drawing the attention and promoting a product. Thus, these are extensively used in advertisements. The design has to go well with the theme of the campaign. It should not look odd with the commercial theme. In case it so happens, the visuals repel the audience and the message will not be able to make the desired impact in the minds of the people.


Awareness of Target Audience:


The target audience defines the way in which the illustrations are used and commercial campaigns are chalked out. One needs to compile the message of advertisement, taking a note of the age, gender and other specifications of the customers. Both clarity and procession are achieved in the ad, sharpening the focus on the target. It clarified the process of conveying the message to the desired groups.


Balance of illustrations and text:


One has to incorporate the right balance of test and illustrations in the ad to make it effective. A potential customer may get confused in case there is too much text and little design or vice versa. The illustrations need attractive and look synchronized with the text. The effectiveness of an advertisement campaign depends both of the qualitative and quantitative aspects of illustrations. The preciseness and clarity of the text is crucial in this aspect. It has to be useful when it delivers the message, keeping the product or service in mind. To gain optimum effect, a trained professional should tackle all the elements in the advertisement. These include the text, background, text and visuals.


Acting on Feedback:


As audience response plays a crucial role in advertisement, one has to gather a substantial amount of feedback before incorporating it in printed or online versions. There is a scope of editing and amending the advertisement depending on the feedback, so as to optimize the extent of effectiveness. Apart from enhancing the advertisement, feedback helps to eliminate the mistakes. Thus, error-free visuals and texts combine to make a sophisticated piece of presentation before the target audience.


The ultimate goal of every advertiser is to make the product stand apart from the crowd. This makes it palatable to the potential target audience. Advertisements which are really effective has a perfect blend of all the available elements to make it effective. An advertisement needs to be loud and clear.


There are surfeits of illustration design companies. However, stellar class of illustration services are availed only from expert companies who have proven their mettle. So, associate with the right people for obtaining the best results.

Most operative PPT creation tips

Almost all businesses use PowerPoint presentations to communicate their messages to the prospects. However, the fact that needs to be accepted is that most of the times, people become bored and start yawning. To avoid such a situation, there are certain tips for effective PowerPoint presentations that can be very helpful. Let us see some of the best ones among them.



Use great fonts

Great font beyond the literal meaning indicates the aptness of font in light of the theme or nature of topic. There are countless fonts available and keep on experimenting with the different ones available till you find the right one. 


Select colours strategically

There are a wide variety of colours to choose from for your PPT creation. Some people are reluctant towards using colours and this makes the whole PPT lifeless. Adding colours liven up the presentation and keep the visitors immersed in what you are trying to convey. This never means that your PPT should be a rainbow.


Let words communicate


Pictures, graphics, tables, graphs and charts etc. are important but the best use of words is most important. Having a convincing script to convey your ideas is always recommended. For a king part of audience, graphics can’t solely express anything. Again, don’t overdo to make your presentation a massive chunk of text.


Be creative-stay creative

Add something in your PPT that grabs and glues the eyeballs of your audience. Before starting to design a PPT, arrange your ideas in a creative manner and think out of the box to present your messages. Not just with the content, but also in the way you present the matter. This will surely pave way for effective PowerPoint slides design.


Make the PPT dynamic by integrating websites

Earlier people had to create links for showing websites in PPT. But nowadays, it is possible to show your website without causing any interruptions to the presentation.  You may opt for HTML iframe or else you can go for tools like LiveWeb.


Use meaningful images

Images are not fillers or decorations for a PPT; this fact has to be understood.  Images can communicate what even thousands of words put together may fail to communicate. You should exploit this potential of images to its fullest. Simply adding attractive images won’t help. It should be related to what you are presenting. Use simple and easily understandable images that every layman can connect to. 


Use authentic Infographics

Studies prove that more than half of your audience who watch presentation grasp Infographics easier and quicker than anything else. They get an idea of actual undisputable statistics. Infographics communicate exact numbers and this is therefore more convincing than anything else.


PGBS would definitely be the right choice for your entire needs related to PPT presentations development; there are well qualified designers and writers who work together for that. The company offers exceptional PowerPoint design services. To avail it, contact PGBS directly.


Types of image masking in image processing

Sometimes, a designer or editor may encounter certain images that are hard to deal with. Extracting them from background may be a challenge. Minutest details like uneven hairs, hair on face, skin hair and wooden cloth etc. demand even more attention. As clipping path fails in such situations, Photoshop masking services is relied upon by a majority. The former is fine till the edges are hard but when it comes to soft edges, Photoshop mask is the right technique to adopt.


Image masking


To carry out image masking services, adequate expertise is inevitable. Several masking types are there. Let us examine each.


Flesh and hair masking

Extracting of furs and hair is tough as the edges are soft and thinner. Considerable amount of effort, patience and time is needed to complete such jobs. With hair masking, flying, untied and frizzy hair etc. can be masked easily. Same is the case when it comes to flesh, most of the times.


Alpha channel masking

By using this technique of image masking in image processing, the file size is drastically reduced thus facilitating its downloading and uploading faster. Image manipulations too is made quicker and stress-free. Also, editing the contrast, exposure and brightness etc. for extracting image from background is more convenient. Thus, it is a great tool when it comes to photo editing.


Object masking when it’s translucent or completely transparent

Handling an object image that is transparent is critical as transparent mask is needed. Some of the objects that can be troublesome are plastic buckets, glass bottles, window shields and transparent cloths etc. Transparency has to be kept intact and it’s not that easy to get the correct and natural look. The same is the case with translucent objects. Photoshop masking channels are to be used skilfully.


College masking

As indicated by the name, different object images are edited simultaneously for making a college. Thus a completely new picture is created. Sometimes, the process is easy but there are instances when it’s a hard nut to crack.  Basic image editing knowledge is enough to make colleges but to assure quality, professional proficiency is mandatory.

Masking in digital image processing is something creative and hence it is not a cup of tea for all. All those in creative business may encounter a need for image masking at some point. The best and reliable service providers for the same can be really helpful.


Photoshop image masking and clipping services have been the areas of specialization of PGBS since it onset. The company keeps on training its photo editing professionals on a regular basic and the results thus have kept on bettering only. To make them go creative beyond any boundaries, updated versions of all latest software programs and tools are provided. Budget constraints of clients too are considered and with this in mind, a vast variety of packages are provided. If your needs are customized, you are sure to get specially tailor made package. Contact the company today itself.

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