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Types of image masking in image processing

Sometimes, a designer or editor may encounter certain images that are hard to deal with. Extracting them from background may be a challenge. Minutest details like uneven hairs, hair on face, skin hair and wooden cloth etc. demand even more attention. As clipping path fails in such situations, Photoshop masking services is relied upon by a majority. The former is fine till the edges are hard but when it comes to soft edges, Photoshop mask is the right technique to adopt.


Image masking


To carry out image masking services, adequate expertise is inevitable. Several masking types are there. Let us examine each.


Flesh and hair masking

Extracting of furs and hair is tough as the edges are soft and thinner. Considerable amount of effort, patience and time is needed to complete such jobs. With hair masking, flying, untied and frizzy hair etc. can be masked easily. Same is the case when it comes to flesh, most of the times.


Alpha channel masking

By using this technique of image masking in image processing, the file size is drastically reduced thus facilitating its downloading and uploading faster. Image manipulations too is made quicker and stress-free. Also, editing the contrast, exposure and brightness etc. for extracting image from background is more convenient. Thus, it is a great tool when it comes to photo editing.


Object masking when it’s translucent or completely transparent

Handling an object image that is transparent is critical as transparent mask is needed. Some of the objects that can be troublesome are plastic buckets, glass bottles, window shields and transparent cloths etc. Transparency has to be kept intact and it’s not that easy to get the correct and natural look. The same is the case with translucent objects. Photoshop masking channels are to be used skilfully.


College masking

As indicated by the name, different object images are edited simultaneously for making a college. Thus a completely new picture is created. Sometimes, the process is easy but there are instances when it’s a hard nut to crack.  Basic image editing knowledge is enough to make colleges but to assure quality, professional proficiency is mandatory.

Masking in digital image processing is something creative and hence it is not a cup of tea for all. All those in creative business may encounter a need for image masking at some point. The best and reliable service providers for the same can be really helpful.


Photoshop image masking and clipping services have been the areas of specialization of PGBS since it onset. The company keeps on training its photo editing professionals on a regular basic and the results thus have kept on bettering only. To make them go creative beyond any boundaries, updated versions of all latest software programs and tools are provided. Budget constraints of clients too are considered and with this in mind, a vast variety of packages are provided. If your needs are customized, you are sure to get specially tailor made package. Contact the company today itself.