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Most operative PPT creation tips

Almost all businesses use PowerPoint presentations to communicate their messages to the prospects. However, the fact that needs to be accepted is that most of the times, people become bored and start yawning. To avoid such a situation, there are certain tips for effective PowerPoint presentations that can be very helpful. Let us see some of the best ones among them.



Use great fonts

Great font beyond the literal meaning indicates the aptness of font in light of the theme or nature of topic. There are countless fonts available and keep on experimenting with the different ones available till you find the right one. 


Select colours strategically

There are a wide variety of colours to choose from for your PPT creation. Some people are reluctant towards using colours and this makes the whole PPT lifeless. Adding colours liven up the presentation and keep the visitors immersed in what you are trying to convey. This never means that your PPT should be a rainbow.


Let words communicate


Pictures, graphics, tables, graphs and charts etc. are important but the best use of words is most important. Having a convincing script to convey your ideas is always recommended. For a king part of audience, graphics can’t solely express anything. Again, don’t overdo to make your presentation a massive chunk of text.


Be creative-stay creative

Add something in your PPT that grabs and glues the eyeballs of your audience. Before starting to design a PPT, arrange your ideas in a creative manner and think out of the box to present your messages. Not just with the content, but also in the way you present the matter. This will surely pave way for effective PowerPoint slides design.


Make the PPT dynamic by integrating websites

Earlier people had to create links for showing websites in PPT. But nowadays, it is possible to show your website without causing any interruptions to the presentation.  You may opt for HTML iframe or else you can go for tools like LiveWeb.


Use meaningful images

Images are not fillers or decorations for a PPT; this fact has to be understood.  Images can communicate what even thousands of words put together may fail to communicate. You should exploit this potential of images to its fullest. Simply adding attractive images won’t help. It should be related to what you are presenting. Use simple and easily understandable images that every layman can connect to. 


Use authentic Infographics

Studies prove that more than half of your audience who watch presentation grasp Infographics easier and quicker than anything else. They get an idea of actual undisputable statistics. Infographics communicate exact numbers and this is therefore more convincing than anything else.


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